Bastian Achard - **About**
Bastian Achard - **About**

Bastian Achard is a fashion photographer and moving image director. After completing his Bachelor of Arts with a degree in photography, Bastian assisted photographers such as Christian McDonald, Liz Collins, Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Osma Harvilathi on global scale productions before starting his own career.

His body of work is clear, eclectic and engaging. Bastian's personal style is based on technical perfection as well as a general curiosity towards his subjects responding out of emotion in visual consequence.

While working out what matters in ever-changing imagery contexts this approach quickly saw him being commissioned by clients including Mr Porter, Apartamento Studios, Atmos, BOSS, MCM, COS, Vogue Germany, M le Monde, Flos & Zeit Magazin.
He divides his time between Berlin & New York.