Joyce  NG - **About**
Joyce  NG - **About**

Joyce NG is a London-based fashion photographer.
She studied at Central Saint Martins, graduating in 2014.

Joyce spent her youth in the multitude of sprawling malls throughout the city of Hong Kong, during the handover era.

In her images she constructs a play between reality and built environments, making subtle reference to the vast array of product merchandising she grew up with.

As a mallrat, her visual language was formed strictly from the saturation of advertisements, Cantopop and “Mo lei tau”, a nonsensical humour unique to Hong Kong culture.

Growing up watching mainland tourists merge with fellow locals, she developed her eye for street casting – before committing to photography she worked heavily in street casting for projects like DIS magazine and the first 5 seasons of Wales Bonner.

Joyce  NG - **About**