About Lorenz

Lorenz Schmidl - **About Lorenz**
Lorenz Schmidl - **About Lorenz**

Lorenz was born in Austria, just south of Vienna, and grew up in Innsbruck in the Alps where he nurtured a passion for photography. His first contact with a camera was his mother’s 35mm Contax rangefinder from the early 50’s. He quickly became obsessed with its power to immortalize interesting imagery, and he deeply admired its beautiful, perfectly engineered mechanics. At the age of 23, Lorenz moved to London to pursue photography professionally. He spent 6 years in London assisting highly established photographers in the industry. He later moved to New York for a full time assisting position. He lives and works in New York.
As an independent photographer, Lorenz's clients include: Calvin Klein, DVF, Vera Wang, GAP, 7FAM, LEVI’s, Nili Lotan, Les Reveries, Tommy Hilfiger, Woolrich, Jason Wu, Tory Burch, Free Assembly, THE LAST Magazine, Vogue, Puss Puss, Behind The Blinds, Office Magazine, Allure, King Kong, V Magazine, Dior Magazine and more.

How do I capture my subjects?

I am instinctively attracted to the plethora of oddity the world around me provides. My personal work is documentary, sometimes with flourishes of satire. I aim for images with sociological insight and satire that is light-hearted rather than biting. My fashion and portrait images are marked by a certain oddness with askew color, shapes and light. To me this is captivating imagery—photos that tell a story with humor, or an embrace of the aesthetically bizarre with an observational point of view.

Lorenz Schmidl - **About Lorenz**

What drives you to create humorous yet elevated images of ordinary people?

I love capturing entertaining or sociological idiosyncrasies that I see around me. Finding that humor is a way to celebrate our differences and the ordinary, everyday world. If the photo has technical guidelines that are sophisticated, I feel like I’m honoring my subject— and it looks nice too. I really love my subjects and I want the viewer to feel that.