About Sharif

Sharif Hamza - **About Sharif**
Sharif Hamza - **About Sharif**

Fashion photographer Sharif Hamza began his career in 2010, shooting the October cover for British magazine Dazed & Confused. He quickly gained recognition for his vibrant compositions and innovative use of light. Hamza has since collaborated on numerous editorial and cover shoots for publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue Japan, China and Arabia, V, GQ, Interview, Allure and 10 Magazine.

Hamza has worked on advertising campaigns for the likes of Tiffany's, Revlon, Lancôme, Ralph Lauren , Levi's, Nike, Bobbi Brown, Steve Madden and Uniqlo.
Adept in both print and film mediums, Hamza has also established himself as a prominent fashion and beauty film director.

A former assistant to New York-based photographer Steven Klein , Hamza honed his skills working alongside Klein on magazine editorials, and on shoots with notable personalities before launching his freelance career.

What inspires you?

I’m fascinated by mixed race people. I think that people of bi-racial backgrounds are incredibly beautiful and intriguing. It’s an amazing thing to see a face and be infinitely curious about its origins, not being certain of where it’s features or complexions are from and to love the idea that it’s a new face that cannot be defined or categorized.

Sharif Hamza - **About Sharif**

You are British born of a Filipino mother and an Egyptian father. Do you feel like your heritage has influenced your work and your career? How so?

Yes. I like to discuss multicultural aspects in my work. I am British but not in the way Britain is usually visualized and growing up I never felt my likeness or that of many of those around be fairly or equally represented. I’m trying to change that with my own work.

It’s important to me to have diverse casting in my work and to discuss color. My parent are from two completely different cultures, different to each other and from where I was born. That means there is a lot to identify with, which is something I am used to doing and still learning to do. I try to use my work and the opportunities I have to identify with as many types of people as I can both in my professional and personal projects.